Workplace wellbeing

Alongside working with our clients at the practice, BOP is dedicated to offering workplace wellbeing and works with local companies to offer rapid access to treatment for employees.

Our team can assist HR and occupational health to improve aspects of morale and workplace wellbeing to enhance remuneration, improve return to work times and offer workplace solutions. We can offer help with many musculoskeletal disorders alongside assisting with relaxation and overall wellbeing of employees.

If your workplace offers a wellbeing programme, or would like to know more about the services we offer, one of our team would be glad to assist with any enquiry.

Some local companies pay for, or subsidise treatments with us, which they have found cost effective in reducing absence from work alongside boosting morale.

On-site massage treatments can be arranged, but most companies prefer to recommend staff attend BOP for their treatment.

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If you feel that an arrangement with our practice could be beneficial, please discuss this with a member of your Human Resources or Occupational Health department. If they are interested in discussing this further, they can contact us by email at

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