Stress and wellbeing

Stress is a general part of everyday life in the modern world, but it is how we deal with and control stress that is the key.

What is a stress to one person, may not be to another and our mechanisms for dealing with and handling stress vary. Indeed stress can be a good thing and should not always be perceived in a negative light. In the face of danger our in-built stress mechanism is what kicks in to  protect us from harm.

At BOP we see many patients whom are experiencing stress and stress related conditions. With some stress may have been the final trigger to their problem and with others it may be the reason why they have come to see us in the first place.

Treatments like massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy and counselling can both make us feel better, make us more relaxed and improve our mood. Stress management may also help us to deal better with stress. .

Wellbeing is not just about the absence of illness or disease it is about maintaining a state of optimal physical, mental and emotional health. In this state we can handle pretty much anything that life throws at us.

At BOP our aim is to help you back to health and to assist you to stay there. Our team work together to try and address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your complaint to achieve optimal well-being both inside and out. Alongside 1-2-1 wellbeing, we also work with companies to provide workplace wellbeing assistance.

We treat stress and wellbeing in Worthing and West Sussex