Sports injuries and muscle pains

The human body is a finely tuned piece of equipment, designed to support, protect and move you, enabling you to achieve your daily functions and tasks. Sports can put this to the test.

Often we see sports people because of recurring injuries or due to fatigue, poor performance and diminishing capacity to repair. Our job is to assess the question of why. To look at your structure, be that the bones, joints, muscles or posture and to see what faults there are that could be causing or maintaining your problem.

In modern life the balance between the skeleton and muscles can be affected by factors such as poor posture, inappropriate healing of tissues following trauma, and long periods of staying in one position in poorly designed furniture. This leads to the muscles having to work harder to help support the body, which in turn leads to undue fatigue and painful or injured muscles and joints.

At BOP our osteopaths work alongside the sports massage, rehabilitation and acupuncture team to get you back on track.

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