How can rehabilitation and Tui Na be used for pain and injury and what benefit might it offer you?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M) is becoming more popular for many people seeking alternative ways to treat many general health conditions.  T.C.M approaches a person as a whole, addressing both the symptoms and any underlying constitutional imbalances often at the root of the problem. Although modern western medicine has many effective strategies, often we choose to compliment treatment with alternative therapy to further promote healthy function.

Chinese Rehabilitation Therapy (C.R.T) sometimes referred to as “Chinese physiotherapy” or “Chinese sports medicine” is a complete school of traditional medicine developed to treat sports specific injury and help in the rehabilitation and recovery of the athlete.  Chinese rehabilitation therapy aims to restore balance and health of the patient utilising skills developed specifically for effective treatment of orthopaedic or muscular skeletal injury.

Chinese Rehabilitation Therapy utilises T.C.M principles and the appropriate skills including,  Tui Na (medical massage),  herbal application of poultices and oils and soaks, passed on by traditional bone healers, doctors  and martial arts masters, combined with cupping and muscular skeletal acupuncture. C.R.T uses a totally natural approach to treatment   for many long term or chronic injuries, which western medicine often only treat through a pharmaceutical or surgical intervention

 Sports Tui Na massage techniques can be used to maintain the healthy function of the physical body as well as helping to improve physiological and psychological sporting performance.

Leigh has studied western sports massage therapy as well as traditional Chinese sports medicine techniques used in the treatment of trauma and injury caused in martial arts training.