Chiropody, Foot Health,Reflexology and Orthotics in Worthing

A Chiropody or Foot Health appointment involves discussion of your foot problems and general health, alongside assessment of your feet. Common conditions that you may seek help for include;

  • nail trimming,
  • fungal infections,
  • thickened nails,
  • diseased nails,
  • callus,
  • hard skin and corn removal,
  • ingrown toe nails,
  • athletes foot,
  • verruca’s,
  • diabetic foot care.

You may also need help with conditions like bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and toe pain which can be assisted by custom made devices to take pressure off of certain areas of your feet.

Please note at BOP we have 2 therapists who offer foot care treatments.

Sue Potten is our Chiropodist and James Barber, our Foot Health Practitioner. Both therapists offer similar assessments and treatments, but only treatments carried out by our chiropodist are likely to be covered by private health insurance, due to differences in qualifications and associated regulators.

As with all forms of treatments, there are risks to chiropody and foot care treatments and assessments. These risks include, but are not limited to pain, swelling, bleeding and infection. Your therapists will discuss the risks and benefits of treatment, relevant to your specific case. Feel free to ask them any questions or concerns you have.

Reflexology involves the massage of specific zones, usually of the feet, that are believed to correspond to areas or organs of the body.

It is suitable for all ages and may help with aiding relaxation and sleep, improving mood and a sense of wellbeing.

Our massage therapist Wendy Jones offers this treatment at BOP.