Our lovely Osteopath, Helen Mayors retires from the team during December 2021.

Helen has worked as an Osteopath, Kinesiologist and general font of knowledge with us for over 20 years. During this time she has assisted countless local people remain mobile and living their best lives.

Over the past 18 months, due to ‘Covid times’ we have sadly said goodbye to a fair few members of the team. Some returning to past careers, some seeking new careers due to Covid uncertainty and others simply re-evaluating life/work balances.

We have also welcomed a few new members with Osteopaths Betts and Grant, Acupuncturist Caroline and Foot Health Practitioner James.

As we say our fond farewells to Helen over the next few months, the team wish her all the best in her new adventures. No doubt there will be a lot of sailing, hockey and no thoughts of CPD, peer reviews and Covid screening!

We all wish you the best of luck with whatever you do and where ever the next adventure takes you!

Any patients wishing to see Helen before she leaves the team, please call the practice on 01903 820206.

Osteopaths Sue, Chris, Matt, Ben, Grant and Betts will continue to look after you and your families from 2022 and beyond!