Mental Health and Wellbeing- It is OK to feel not so OK

Each one of us will respond differently to Lockdown and Covid and this is OK. It is also OK to feel stressed, anxious, sad or however indeed we feel.

There are some great tools out there that can help us through on the NHS mental health and wellbeing advice website.

Every Mind Matters also provides help and advice to deal with mental health.

Here we share some ideas you may wish to explore to address you own mental health

1- Stay connected- whether it be by phone, video call or when permitted, in person. Keeping connected and keep talking.

2- Helping others- this can also help you too. Look at local support groups or volunteer work

3- Speak out about your feelings- to a friend, to a relative, to your osteopath or to whomever you choose. Just talk.

4- Exercise and keep check on your diet. Try to eat balanced meals, drink water and go outside. Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol along with processed and refined foods. Fuel the body and mind well.

5- Focus on what YOU can actually really control yourself, not what others around you are doing. You cannot change others, so just focus on what you can do.

6- Focus on the now. Try not to worry about the future and the past.

7- Breathe. Relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation and mindfulness can all help ease both body and mind.

Remember, if you feel unable to cope and this feeling persists, it is good to speak to a professional too. Speak to your GP and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.