Emma Stafford

Emma is a qualified nurse who now uses her knowledge of neurological nursing to inform her current work as a bowen therapist.

Whilst working in Hong Kong as a Remedial Massage Therapist in a busy Physiotherapy clinic, she attended a demonstration of Bowen Therapy.  At the time she was experiencing some pain in the joint at the base of her thumb.  The demonstrator carried out a few gentle moves across the front of her shoulder and she felt her thumb joint get very hot.  She has not experienced any pain there since.

Inspired to find out what else could be achieved by this technique, she signed up for the course there and then.  She qualified as a Bowen Therapist in 2007.

Since then, Emma has continued to study the Bowen Technique in more depth, including a form of the technique called Fascia Bowen that is particularly useful for neurological problems.

In 2016/17 she studied the Emmett Technique, which is another form of gentle soft tissue release that can be used in conjunction with Bowen, or as a stand-alone treatment.  In 2018 her studies led her to gain experience in scar tissue release.

Emma loves spending time in her garden, growing fruit and vegetables.  She enjoys spending as much time as possible outside to gain the benefits of being surrounded by nature.  She also understands the physical demands that working in the garden can create on the body. This enables her to help others to understand how they can look after their bodies whilst carrying out an activity they love

Available at BOP

Thursday 8.30am-12noon