At the beginning of July, we are starting a new foot clinic at Broadwater Osteopaths with James Barber.

James Barber is a fully qualified, registered and insured Foot Health Practitioner (FHP register number 5265564)

He is kindly covering Sue Potten’s Chiropody Clinic at the practice and can help with all the usual foot aliments from corns and hard skin treatment to ingrown toe nails and verruca care.

James will be with us, for the duration of Sue’s absence and may extend his time with us beyond her return too.

What is the difference between a Chiropodist, Podiatrist and a FHP.
Podiatrist and Chiropodists are similarly trained to a degree level and both register with the HCPC. Both titles are protected and professionals are qualified and insured. They both treat, diagnose and maintain health of the foot and lower limb and assess overall health.

FHPs are qualified and insured and carry out all essential foot health maintenance treatments like corns, callus, diabetic care, nail cutting, fungal infections in much the same way as chiropodists, but they are not trained to degree level and are not registered with the HCPC.

This means that some private health care insurers will not repay costs of treatments generally from an FHP, but they will cover costs more often than not, of chiropody and podiatry.
Costs of treatments with James, at this time, are £33. There is a £3 surcharge added to all appointments to cover the cost of PPE.