Exercise, nutrition a New Year and New You….Maybe??

Happy new year to you all.  Like me you may be spending the 1st few weeks reflecting on the year ahead and what it may bring. Thinking about improved health and wellbeing maybe, new diets, more exercise, a better work-life balance? Most of us, me included, would ideally like a quick fix. To wake up the next morning, or at least the next week, looking younger, fitter and happier. It is all about the ‘journey’ though isn’t it? Setting out targets that are realistic and achievable.

Maybe we should start this process off with a change of the mind-set. Rather than thinking about the foods we need to avoid and how many classes we need to fit in during a week, we think about how good we will feel with this better food and fitting in a little more exercise.

Making little changes I see is the key. Enrolling a buddy with the same wish for the year is also a good idea. Help each other to reach your goals, whilst spending more time with someone you enjoy being with. Maybe set a goal to walk twice a week together or go for a run. Take it slow to start with and build things up. Having a buddy will also mean you are more likely to stick to the plan. Even the little adjustments like parking the car further from the office, going for a walk in your lunch break or moving around more at work will help.

Looking at what you eat, both in terms of the quantity and the quality is also a good start. Are your meals balanced? If you are going to follow an eating plan, is the one you have chosen sustainable and does it fit with your lifestyle? If not, is there a better one which does? Again is there someone you can kick start this New You process with?

The key to it all, in my humble opinion, comes from the planning and the mind- set of a want to change. Having a clear goal can help, be it a little one or a biggy and a buddy or two along the way to keep you motivated and dare I say sane. Well perhaps that is just me!

Have a great 2016 folks and make it the best one yet!