Dear Patients

We look forward to seeing you shortly at the clinic for your face to face appointment. Before this, I wanted to make you aware of some changes at the practice, which have been put in place to increase our hygiene policy and also for you to play your part in helping us to help you and other patients, stay safe. 

Your therapist will guide you through all protocols when arriving at the clinic, so no need to worry remembering anything, other than the points in bold

At this time, we ask you to consider doing the following:

  1. When you attend the practice and throughout your treatment to wear a suitable face covering or mask*** See details below. This also applies to any chaperone you bring with you.
  2. On the day of your treatment, 1 hour before your visit, please take your temperature and write it down. If it is 37.8 or above, do not attend. Same applies to your chaperone and they also need to bring their reading. Your therapist may also take readings when you arrive.
  3. If you are a key worker, or work with active Covid or potentially covid clients, please can we ask that you change out of your work clothes, beofre attending the practice.
  4. To arrive no more than 5 minutes before your treatment time and to remain in your car until you are called in by your therapist. If you are arriving on foot , please also try to arrive on time and take a seat in the waiting area. There will be a maximum of two chairs in the waiting room.
  5. Where possible, please limit the number of family members or friends accompanying you into the building. It is fine to bring a chaperone if you want one, but please be aware of social distancing protocol and consider your chaperone choice. Our screening also applies to your chaperone. They will not be able to attend if they are in a high risk category, live with someone who is, or have any covid symptoms or has been in contact with anyone who has or may have within the last 14 days.
  6. On arrival and on leaving the clinic, we will ask you to wash your hands or use alcohol gel. It would help us if you could bring your own hand gel, as supplies are proving challenging to obtain. 
  7. Please leave as much of your personal belongings in your car i.e coats and bags. Please bring with you a bag for your shoes and clothes to go in whilst you are being treated  You may also like to bring a towel with you, as all towels and blankets have been removed from the clinic to aid hygiene. We also suggest bringing water or a drink too and your own pen to sign any forms, to limit contact with our stationary.
  8. If you should need to use the washrooms whilst at the practice, please ask your therapist. We are trying to limit use of the washrooms at this time. Please use facilities before leaving home as much as possible..
  9. You may be asked by your therapist to pay for your treatment when you arrive if the reception area is free. This is to limit your potential contact with others. Ideally please pay by contactless payment, the limit is now £45. Please ask your therapist for a receipt if you wish to have a paper one and also a written one if that is needed for insurance.
  10. Due to the small size of the practice, we may not have a receptionist at this time to limit face to face contacts.
  11. Your therapist may be wearing PPE. This may include, but not always, the use of gloves, aprons, masks, eye shields and eye coverings. All of these things are aimed to limit spread of the virus, but may look unwelcoming.
  12. Each therapist and employee at BOP has an active role in maintaining hygiene levels at the practice. We will all perform cleaning duties, including wiping down touch points, sanitising regularly and continuing to maintain best practice. Your health and wellbeing, alongside ours, is our primary interest. Please help us by washing hands, using gels, using tissues and keeping a social distance from other patients, whilst at the practice. Please also refrain from touching surfaces when in the practice.
  13. Due to the cost of PPE, we are adding a £3 fee to every appointment at this time. This will enable us to keep stocked with PPE. At the current time, PPE prices privately have risen by at least 4x the usual cost and sadly some of this cost has to be passed on. When the need for PPE is removed, this fee will also be removed from our pricing. **Chiropody prices will also be increased due to PPE charges, more information will follow on this**
  14. If you are a New Client to the practice, please click this link to the forms you will need. Print all 4 forms out, complete as appropriate and bring these with you to your appointment.
  15. If you are an Existing Client to the practice, please click this link and print the 1 form and bring it with you to your appointment.

*** MASKS*****

As a practice we are operating a No Mask No Entry Policy.

A mask can be a simple face covering or a 3ply mask. If you do not have one, you can purchase one at the practice for a £1 fee.

If you suffer with asthma or hayfever and are likely to cough or sneeze during your visit, it is recommended that at minimum you wear a 3ply mask.

There is a lot of information online regarding surgical masks and general mask use, so please feel free to take a look at this information also.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon,

Team BOP