06Jun 2018

What people often want to know about Osteopathy  How many people are satisfied with treatment they receive? Generally we would all tend to say that the vast majority of our clients are very satisfied with the treatment they receive. A patient outcome study conducted by the University of Brighton of 1700 patients concluded that 96% […]

10Mar 2017

Your Osteopath referring to other health professionals As primary healthcare professionals our osteopaths, in addition to their osteopathic skills, have been trained to undertake detailed medical histories and a comprehensive range of clinical examinations in an effort to diagnose the cause of your symptoms. It is due to this extensive training that they are able to […]

12Aug 2016

Did you know we now treat babies and children at BOP? Why do people seek help for their little ones and why you may consider a visit to see Jenny Quinn. Birth and baby………… Giving birth and being born can be a stressful process for both mum and baby. Thankfully generally few problems arise from […]

05Aug 2016

Broadwater Osteopathic Practice is a long established practice in Worthing, West Sussex but why do people choose us? Choosing where to go for treatment can be a tricky task, with so many places offering the same services and at roughly the same fee. How do you choose which is best for you? Over 90% of […]

16Jun 2016
maintenance treatments in worthing west sussex

Think of a visit to us as an MOT for your body, being similar to a visit to the dentist, hygienist, chiropodist or mechanic.  Our aim is to help to keep your musculoskeletal health in tip-top condition. It is worthwhile to mention that the pain you feel is often the first thing you experience to […]

22Apr 2016

Going the extra mile: The most common running injuries, their causes, symptoms and how to help yourself – part 1. Marathon season is well and truly upon us and so now is as good a time as any to review the most common running injuries and best course of action for their management. Of course, […]

29Mar 2016

There is no time during the life of a woman who chooses to have children when she will experience such rapid physiological and anatomical changes as both during and after pregnancy. Of course, we all experience great change during childhood, but at this stage we have few demands on us other than sleeping, eating, drinking […]

24Mar 2016
Our treatments include accupuncture in Worthing and West Sussex

Dry needling (modern acupuncture) and Osteopathy As an adjunct to the Osteopathic techniques, some of our osteopaths at BOP also use dry-needling or modern acupuncture as part of their treatments. This approach can give great results, especially in reducing muscular spasm and tension and by addressing the ‘trigger points’ (hypersensitive, knotted, tight points) in the […]

24Mar 2016

  Changes in sleeping patterns in colic-suffering babies treated with Osteopathy (Osteopathic School of Barcelona) Abstract In scientific literature, the more frequently used criteria to define colic are those from the paediatricians Wessel 1 and Carey 2, characterized by uncontrollable crying episodes in healthy and well-fed infants. To an osteopathic level, there are several studies […]

10Mar 2016
We treat Postural problems in Worthing and West Sussex

The curse of the forward head posture In clinic many of my clients present to me with a classic postural problems and the ‘forward head posture’ (FHP) This tends to have been perfected by the client over a period of time and results in the head drifting forward, instead of the ears being positioned over […]