Foot and ankle pain The ankle and the foot are made up of many small bones, connected by ligaments, muscles and fascia. This helps to make them strong, flexible and stable, which is a ideal for what we need them to do. Some of the most common things we see in clinic affecting the foot […]

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United kingdom back pain exercise and manipulation (UK BEAM) randomised trial: cost effectiveness of physical treatments for back pain in primary care (BMJ) Abstract Objective To assess the cost effectiveness of adding spinal manipulation, exercise classes, or manipulation followed by exercise (“combined treatment”) to “best care” in general practice for patients consulting with low back […]

Foam rollers, do they help mobility and should they be part of stretching for joint aches and pains? It is now February already, which is a scary thought for some people, including me. Hopefully those of you who are reading this have stuck to your New Year’s resolutions. Exercise is a common resolution, and that […]

Exercise, nutrition a New Year and New You….Maybe?? Happy new year to you all.  Like me you may be spending the 1st few weeks reflecting on the year ahead and what it may bring. Thinking about improved health and wellbeing maybe, new diets, more exercise, a better work-life balance? Most of us, me included, would […]

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Is my chair causing my back pain? Sit less move more…..that’s the key!  This is one of the most common questions I get asked in clinic. There is no ‘best chair’ where one size and shape fits all. In my opinion you could spend £10 on a chair or £200 on a chair and still […]

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7 potential headache remedies including massage, acupuncture and osteopathy Hydrate- drink more water. Dehydration and excess caffeine intake are common reasons for headaches. Try to increase your water intake and steer clear of caffeinated drinks. Acupuncture-an expert analysis, known as a Cochrane review, found acupuncturecould help prevent acute migraines as well as drug treatments do and […]

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