About Bowen

This healing technique was developed by the Australian Tom Bowen.   For over 30 years he developed and refined his innovative form of soft tissue manipulation.

Tom Bowen never actually taught anyone his technique.  However, he did allow people to observe him at work.  From these observations people developed their own interpretations and passed them on to future generations of therapists.

Across the world several of these different interpretations of Bowen Therapy are now being taught, but all use recognised ‘Bowen moves

About our new therapist Emma

Hello, I’m Emma. I completed my nursing training at the University of Nottingham in the 1990s and have worked in specialist neurology units in London and Sussex.

After several years I retrained as a Remedial Massage Therapist and worked in Sussex, treating members of the public and fellow health care professionals before moving to Hong Kong, where I worked alongside a Physiotherapy team.   Whilst there, I was given the wonderful opportunity of working at the 2006 RBS International Rugby Sevens, with a team of therapists, treating players from over twenty countries.

It was during my two year stay in Hong Kong that I studied several forms of soft tissue manipulation to enhance my work, and began to feel that I could do more to help my clients.

In 2006 my interest was sparked when I attended a demonstration evening of Bowen Therapy.   During the evening all attendees received treatment.  In my case, the treatment was for a painful thumb (an occupational hazard and a long-term problem). Three moves were made across my shoulder and my thumb became really hot. It was quite an amazing experience.  From that day to this I have not had any further problems with my thumb.

This experience led me to re-evaluate my work as a Massage Therapist and grasp the opportunity to learn a new (more gentle) way of treating people.   And so, during 2006/7 I trained as a Bowen Therapist with two inspirational Australian teachers from the International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT) in Hong Kong, where the benefits of the technique are more commonly known and more readily incorporated into healing strategies.

Since then I have completed the advanced course in Bowen Therapy enabling me to help people with long term and more complicated (unresolved) problems.

About your initial visit

On your initial consultation, I will take a detailed account of your issues and general health in order to form a holistic view of your physical state.

This process will include an overview of your posture which contributes significantly to my understanding of the causes of your ailments.  The first session may take up to one and a half hours.   Subsequent sessions usually take about 1 hour.   Each session will be a combination of reviewing your progress, and ongoing treatment.

During the treatment gentle rolling moves are applied across muscles, ligaments and tendons at specific points. These moves are made directly onto your skin.   You will be covered by towels throughout the treatment, with only the area being treated exposed.

Muscles and other tissues become tight or tense when an injury occurs.  Even after the injury has resolved itself the tissues may stay in this tense state, often causing pain, postural imbalance, restricted movement and dysfunction.

The Bowen moves trigger a neural response which stimulates the relaxation of the muscles and other soft tissue.   This enables the tissues to return to their correct pattern.   This is a bit like restoring all factory settings on you mobile phone after you have made lots of changes to it.

Addressing this imbalance and dysfunction within the body provides pain relief and improved mobility in both acute and chronic problems.

In order to allow the body time to respond to the treatment I will intermittently allow the body to rest at specific times during the treatment.   I may even leave the room to allow you to relax completely.

To ensure optimum response to treatment and aid the healing process I will advise you on several points of aftercare.

I strongly recommend that you do not undertake any strenuous activity for at least 48 hours after treatment

Emma’s times and dates at BOP

Emma will be starting at the practice on April 12th. She will be working with us on a Thursday morning and also some Saturday afternoon sessions too.

To register an interest to book with Emma, or to reserve an appointment, please call 01903 820206. Our booking system for Bowen will be up and running over the next week or 2, so please register any interest and reception will organise an appointment for you when the diaries are in place.

Initial consultations will be 90 minutes and cost £56. Follow up appointments are 60 minutes and cost £46

We will have an introductory price running in April and May where 1st appointments will be £45! This is a great way to try the therapy and see learn how it could benefit you.

Please pick up a leaflet from reception for further information.