BOP is proud to announce a new arrival to the practice, Rik King. Rik is in his final year training to be a chiroporactor, but he has many years of experience in Sports Massage. An introduction to Rik follows below. He will start at BOP at the end of Febuary 2019. Appointments for Sports Massage with Rik will be 45 minutes duration and at a cost of £45. As part of our welcoming Rik in, all 1st visits to Rik will be £10 off!!

Hi, my name is Rik and I have been working as a Sport massage therapist locally for many years. I have a passion for helping people get to their next level of health. Although the treatment in the sense of the word is aimed at sports people, the technique transposes well into treating everyday stress and strains caused by the busy world that we live in. I am also the only certified NeuroMuscular Re-education (NMR) practitioner in Sussex. Alongside my massage and NMR, I am a final year chiropractic student and as such understand how other treatment modalities can work well together to bring the best possible results. I am happy to work in conjunction with other professionals and the team at BOP to provide you with best possible care package.


Sports massage can be thought of as an umbrella term for multiple techniques, that when used in conjunction help give pain relief and movement back to areas of the body that are stressed, strained, tight or stiff.

This is a specialised intense technique used to break down soft tissue adhesions and restrictions to restore strength, flexibility and function to muscles and tendons. It focuses on 1 area at a time, such as a shoulder, lower back or hips, and as such can wield unrivalled results compared to other soft tissue techniques.