15Feb 2016
We offer Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping and hypnotherapy as one of our treatment in Worthing and West Sussex

EFT (emotional freedom technique) is one of the most exciting, powerful techniques developed over the last two decades. It is also commonly known as ‘tapping’. It is one of the new ’Energy Psychologies’ with its roots in acupuncture, kinesiology and psychology. Its like an emotional form of acupuncture without the needles, you simply tap specific […]

15Feb 2016
We offer Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping and hypnotherapy as one of our treatment in Worthing and West Sussex

Hypnotherapy, is a therapy that uses hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and is a powerful device to promote healing or personal development and positive change. Why? Because it utilises the most powerful part of our creative potential – our imagination. It can re-programme patterns of behaviour within the subconscious mind, enabling irrational fears, phobias and […]

15Feb 2016
We treat Sports injuries in Worthng and West Sussex

How can rehabilitation and Tui Na be used for pain and injury and what benefit might it offer you? Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M) is becoming more popular for many people seeking alternative ways to treat many general health conditions.  T.C.M approaches a person as a whole, addressing both the symptoms and any underlying constitutional imbalances […]

15Feb 2016
Our treatments include accupuncture in Worthing and West Sussex

Acupuncture is one of the medical disciplines that make up Traditional Chinese medicine (T.C.M). It has been practiced in China for over 2000 years.  Since its introduction to the west acupuncture has grown in its popularity, Chinese research has shown it to be successful in treating many health conditions and giving drug free pain relief. For […]

11Feb 2016

Is ice or heat best for back pain and what are the benefits of both and when is it best to use either modality. A question we get commonly asked in clinic is when should I use heat and when should I use cold for my injury. Although there is not a hard and fast […]

11Feb 2016

Foam rollers, do they help mobility and should they be part of stretching for joint aches and pains? It is now February already, which is a scary thought for some people, including me. Hopefully those of you who are reading this have stuck to your New Year’s resolutions. Exercise is a common resolution, and that […]

08Feb 2016

Headaches sometimes have an origin in the neck and this is when osteopathy may help. In the UK twenty five million school or working days are lost due to headaches each year. If you have been suffering from nagging, recurring or acute headaches, your neck may well be the primary cause. Sometimes even debilitating migraine […]

04Feb 2016
sports injuries in worthing west sussex

Achilles tendonitits and plantar fasciitis can be a nightmare, but help may be at hand. Osteopathy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, massage and stretching may all help. Achilles tendonitis The Achilles tendon attaches your calf muscle to your heel bone and is used as we walk, run or jump. It is the largest of all the tendons in […]

28Jan 2016

Is medication an answer to pain or chronic pain and is it the only or best option. After reading a recent article which examined medication and the use of painkillers across the UK, I was somewhat shocked to learn that over a 1/3rd of the people questioned took painkillers in order to feel well enough […]

22Jan 2016
massage hot stone in worthing

Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal pain disorder and may be helped by massage treatments. It is estimated to affect between 3% and 6% of the global population according to the National Fibromyalgia Association in April 2010. It generally affects more women than men in the 20 – 60 year old age bracket. It has a […]