At BOP we offer a whole host of different types of massage which are detailed separately. Any form of massage can be adapted to your personal requirements and needs.

Some of the common reasons people may have massage are; to relieve muscle strain and tension, aid sleep, improve mood and wellbeing, relieve tension, everyday anxiety and stress.

Remedial Massage combines general massage with deep tissue techniques and can be used to treat both superficial and deep tissues including muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

This is our most popular form of massage and is suitable for people of all ages and levels of activity. Whether you have over done it at work, the gym, or burnt the candle at both ends, this treatment will can help you get back in shape. As well as being used alone to help with specific problems, it is often also used as a follow-up treatment to osteopathy. This is important in rehabilitation following injuries and in the maintenance of healthy muscles for chronic conditions. It can be used to help muscular problems caused by physical activity, poor posture, repetitive strains and stress.


Mostly for people involved in sports. Muscles that have been worked hard are likely to become sore and tight and this makes them more prone to injury. Regular massage can loosen muscles, increase flexibility and lessen chance of injury. Recovery from injury can also be speeded up and scar tissue broken down with treatment. Pre and post event massage is popular amongst sports people for these reasons.

This involves the use of basalt stones which are heated in water and then used with oil to smooth away stresses and strains. It is said that a stroke of the stone is equivalent to 7 of the hand. The treatment can aid relaxation, may improve sleep and enhance a feeling of wellbeing. The stones can be used to treat both superficial and deep muscle tensions.

Aromatherapy massage involves the use of essential oils extracted from plants, herbs, flowers, grasses and fruits. These are blended specifically for your needs and applied via massage to improve a sense of wellbeing.

The technique involves massage of the face, head, shoulders, arms, neck and upper back. It is carried out in a seated position and can be given through light clothing, or directly onto the skin using oils. Indian head massage is suitable for all ages, if you are able to sit comfortably for 30-45 minutes. If you would prefer not to have the technique done directly to the skin, please wear loose clothing. It is also advisable to remove any make-up prior to treatment.