Zohreh Mandegaran

Zohreh graduated from the London School of Osteopathy.  She is also qualified in sports injury therapy, dry needling and can also use traditional Chinese acupuncture and cupping to compliment her treatments.

Zohreh has a whole-body approach to treatment and rehabilitation. Her focus is predominantly on finding the causes of the presented symptoms and resolving them rather than just concentrating on eradicating the symptoms. Where necessary, she provides advice for muscle and joint-specific exercises, for posture improvement, and for a healthy diet. Information is offered regarding the causes of presented complaints in order to give patients more control over their recovery and the maintenance of good health and fitness. Zohreh treats patients of all ages and conditions. She is very flexible in her approach in terms of patients’ conditions and needs, and therefore uses a tailor-made combination of structural, cranial and visceral osteopathy, sports therapy as well as eastern and medical acupuncture and cupping.

As well as working in BOP, Zohreh runs her private practice in Horsham and also treats patients with TMJ dysfunction at a dental surgery in London.

Available at BOP

Wednesday 3.00m – 6.00pm