05Jan 2016
Back pain and osteopathy

Back pain do you have to put up with it and what are the options. Back pain is a common complaint for which it is estimated almost half of the population will suffer at some point each year. The reasons for it are many and varied, but having a previous history of back pain, doing […]

16Dec 2015
We treat Postural problems in Worthing and West Sussex

Few of us are likely to conclude that we have perfect posture. Most of us probably spend too much time slumped at our laptop, staring at a screen at work or stand slouched, as it ‘feels more comfortable’. In today’s modern technological world, we have become more sedentary, we sit longer, rely more heavily on […]

16Dec 2015
back pain in worthing, west sussex

This is an overview of some of the facts and stats that you may not know about back pain. The facts and stats are not intended as a personal view point, just to provide some information, so that if you are suffering, you can rest assured that you are not alone. Most are taken from […]

14Dec 2015
Chiropody in worthing, west sussex

How can chiropody help to keep your feet healthy through the winter months. As we approach winter we need to look out for our feet.  They contribute to our health and comfort so it’s important to look after them. So here are some top tips! Try and keep your feet warm, clean and dry. May […]

14Dec 2015
Headaches and neck pain in worthing, west sussex

7 potential headache remedies including massage, acupuncture and osteopathy Hydrate- drink more water. Dehydration and excess caffeine intake are common reasons for headaches. Try to increase your water intake and steer clear of caffeinated drinks. Acupuncture-an expert analysis, known as a Cochrane review, found acupuncturecould help prevent acute migraines as well as drug treatments do and […]

14Dec 2015
We treat neck pain in Worthing and West Sussex

5 simple exercises to do at your computer which may help improve posture and pain  None of these exercises should cause pain. If they do, stop immediately. Slow and gentle stretching is recommended. We accept no responsibility for any injury or issue arising from completing these exercises. Repeat the exercises regularly to maintain results. Nodding […]

11Dec 2015
We offer accupunture, dry needling and Tui Na as some of our treatment in Worthing and West Sussex

Acupuncture is one of the medical disciplines that make up Traditional Chinese medicine (T.C.M). It has been practiced in China for over 2000 years.  Since its introduction to the west acupuncture has grown in its popularity, Chinese research has shown it to be successful in treating many health conditions and giving drug free pain relief. For many […]

04Dec 2015

How can you help your back pain in the garden by osteopath Jenny Quinn I LOVE AUTUMN! The countryside is looking beautiful with the ever changing colours, my house smells of delicious wood for the log burner, it is socially acceptable to drink alcohol hot, I get to don my large collection of scarves and […]

03Dec 2015
We treat sports injuries in Worthing and West Sussex

  Simple exercises to help prevent sports injurie by Matthew Schofield, osteopath. As the nights draw in the thought of going out for a run can become less inviting. A poorly timed injury can be enough to take even the best of us out of a good routine and into a slump. That’s why it’s […]